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> Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010
Piranha 3-D is an upcoming action, horror and thriller movie which is a creation of well-acclaimed director Alexandre Aja. The movie plays with some antediluvian ideas and creatures. It is really different from the 70 Piranha and this time, it is filled with more action sequences. The movie progresses when the silent Lake Victoria turns into the most tumultuous sea. The helpless residents of Lake Victoria decrease one by one because of the prehistoric creature who likes human flesh. Later on, when one of the sea lovers group come to know that the population of the Lake decreases from 50,000 to 5000 then they decide to kill that creature by hook or by crook. The movie’s climax takes place when they exchange blows directly with man eating creature. Aja has used all the special effects and techniques to give more real look to the creature of the sea.

The stars of the movie include, Jessica Szohr, Steven R. McQueen, Elisabeth Shue and Jerry OConnell. The probable date of the release of this movie is by the end of the August. You can watch and download Piranha 3-D video for free right here with tremendous excellent velocity and quality.

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The movie Piranha 3D is completely horror and thriller movie.I would like to watch this movie and wish to download it free.The main thing in this movie is this it is completely made in 3D trend.

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